Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Klondike Derby

This last weekend was the Klondike Derby for Josh and Kyle and they could not have picked a better weekend for a winter camp out. It was the first weekend we have had in a long time without getting any new snow. The weather cooperated with the warmest night we have had all winter, and Saturday beautiful and sunny. They did have to clear out about 5 feet of wet heavy snow in order to pitch their tents. Josh was a little upset he didn't get to spend the night but he had been complaining about headaches and a sore throat for days, so he and I stayed home Friday night and I took him up Saturday morning for the games. The pictures are of Josh sitting on an avalanche control cannon and all the scouts pulling their dog sled along the time trial course.

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Kelly said...

Your boys are so lucky. That looks like a blast.