Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Field of Dreams

This winter has seemed longer than others and I was very anxious for what I consider the first day of spring - Opening Day!  Here in the Salt Lake valley we have a beautiful minor league ball park.   After much begging and pleading (from me) we went to a game on opening weekend. It was typical Utah spring weather. We got some sunshine, some wind, some rain and there was still snow covering the mountains.

We like to get to the ball park a bit early so we can enjoy the atmosphere. That day was a day game and we decided to get there early enough to have lunch. We had just settled in with our food when a man from the Bees staff tapped Jim on the shoulder. He asked if one of our boys was 14 or older and would like to be the Honorary Bat Boy for that game.  Well, if any of you know Kyle, you know that he LOVES baseball (for further proof, look here and here)  It was a no brainer.  We HAD to let him do it!  So they wisked him away, changed him into baseball pants and a cheesy t-shirt and sat him right next to the dugout.  He had to really hurry because they announced his name over the P.A. and put his face on the scoreboard!  (We were surprised so the pictures aren't that great)  I think I was just as excited about it as he was.  He loved being right there in the action.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mobile Blogging

I uploaded an "app" onto my BlackBerry to be able to send blog posts right from my phone. This is just at test to see how it works and what it looks like. Maybe I will blog more if I can do it from my phone! We shall see...

Home Sick

I am sick today.

I took my laptop out of the docking station and here I am in bed catching up on all those things that I don't sit and do when I am feeling well. This includes blogging among other computer related things. There are only so many Law and Order reruns and old movies I can handle in a weekend!

It is not that I haven't had things to blog about. In fact, I have had several things to write about. I think those things will come out in the next few days and weeks.

For now, here's a funny little tid-bit for you:

Our puppy, Macy, turned one this month. She has been a good dog, learns quick and has quite the personality. She knows that her place is on her "bed" which used to be a big pillow (until she chewed it) and is now a blanket.

Well, one night she had an accident and her blankie had to be put in the wash. She didn't know what to do. The Princess didn't want to lay on the tile so she cuddled up on the bottom of the curtains and gave me the stink eye while I sat at my desk. I HAD to take pictures.

We also think it is pretty funny that she doesn't sit like a dog, she sits like a person. Notice she is sitting on the curtains so she doesn't have to sit in the tile. She has also been known to sit on the bottom step with her feet on the floor, also like a person. I haven't been able to get a picture of that yet.