Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Madness Baseball Tournament

I was so glad the tournament was in St. George because it was a lot warmer than it is here. Even though my team didn't do good I still had a lot of fun. I played catcher and center and did great at both. But when it came to batting, I just could not get it in my head that I have to swing to hit the ball and that outside pitches were strikes. And what is really making me angry is that my batting average is still .000 because every time I hit the ball I was either thrown out or it was a throwing error. Outside the games I had my own fun and I also learned a lot from my losses. I am glad my team went to that tournament. -Kyle


The Barbers said...

Hey Kyle! Sounds like it was a frustrating tournament for you. Keep focused and learning from your mistakes! You'll get that batting average up soon enough!

Kelly said...

You look like a pro, Kyle. I hope you still enjoyed yourself. I love baseball.

Mom/Grammy Edwina said...

Hey Kyle, The important thing is that you enjoyed the participation.