Monday, March 10, 2008

Big week for Austin

This was a big week for Austin. It started on Wednesday night when Austin was recognized by the Syracuse Community Council. He was recognized for his outstanding service to the community. For the past two years Austin tries to arrive at school before the buses show up so he can hold the door open for all of the students as they enter the school. And then on Friday we were invited to a breakfast at the school where Austin was again recognized, this time by one of his teachers as student of the month. We could not be more proud of Austin this year. He volunteers at the school store during lunch time and we hear nothing but good things from all of his teachers.


The Barbers said...

Way to go Austin! What a great kid!

Kelly said...

That is awesome! Good job, Austin! What a fine young man you are rearing. (You raise corn, not kids. Ü)

Mom/Grammy Edwina said...

Hey Austin, Congratulations on going the extra mile for others. You are a very handsome, tall, impressive young man.

Jed said...


Im impressed by how much you care for your friends and fellow classmates. I've never heard of such unselfish service. You are an awesome guy. Congratulations on the well deserved award buddy.