Sunday, June 22, 2008

High School Summer Baseball

I tried out for the High School Summer League team for the new Syracuse high school built about a mile away from where I live. A few of my teammates from our competition team made it along with me and we are all on the same team out of three that were made.

The pictures below are from one of the home games we played, this one was against Hillcrest High School. I played behind the plate that game and batted seventh. The picture of me batting was a base hit into left center. The picture of me catching was taken getting ready to make the third out in the inning on a base runner running home and he was huge. I bet I would have flown back if he would have tried to ram me instead of slide under me. Either way, I made the tag and got the third out of the inning.

- Kyle


Joe and Liz said...

That's a good looking swing you got there.

There is nothing funner than a play at the plate.

Joann said...

Awesome pictures, Kyle! I am so excited for you making the team. Looks like you got a great hit, too!