Monday, July 13, 2009

Historic Nauvoo

We made it to Nauvoo this afternoon. We got settled at the place Jim's parents are staying. We had a little time to go into town before dinner. We stopped at one of the interactive areas called the Family Living Center. It was a big hall where they demonstrated how the pioneers made cloth, baked bread, dipped candles, and many other crafts that helped with life around the cabin. The boys made this rope they are holding.

Tomorrow is one of our temple days. We are also going to Carthage Jail. We have limited cell reception and no internet for the next three days so my posts may be few until Thursday unless I can upload a picture when we are in town.
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RP said...

I've been there! It's a really amazing place to be. Jims parents live the good life don't they... I hope I can stay healthy and serve several missions when I'm done working.