Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers and Flowers

I love our trees. I get so happy in spring when they start making little buds that turn into blossoms and leaves. (I especially like when the buds turn into fruit!) We had such a nice beginning to our week and I knew a storm was coming so I took these pictures so I could remember how beautiful it all looked before the storm. Enjoy!

This tree is in our back yard just outside of our bedroom window. I love to look down on it and see the blossoms in the spring. There are always birds sitting in ti throughout the summer.

This tree is in out front yard. It will be an explosion of pink in about a week!

This is our shade tree in the back. It is a maple. The leaves are little right now but get super big in the summer.

The little lettuces are just coming up in my salad table. But these are the radishes!

This is the spinach; also in my salad table.

Baby plants are so cute just like all other baby things! Happy Spring, everyone!

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