Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Last Hurrah of Summer

Last weekend we got a visit from my sister. She lives in northern California and we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like to so we were pretty excited that the whole family (excluding their oldest who is serving a mission in Puerto Rico) could come to Utah for a week.

We were able to go to Seven Peaks last Saturday and let the kids burn off what was left of their summer. And, boy, did we burn. I applied sunscreen three times and still got burned! I am just now starting to peel. The boys had a great time on all the slides. The grown-ups had a great time in the lazy river and the wave pool. I also took along some knitting and was able to sit under the shade for a while and knit a few rows of my latest lace project.

This is Kyle being brave on one of the speed slides. They did them all several times!

This is my nephew coming out of one of the tube slides.

After an exhausting day of sitting on the shore of the wave pool and laying on a tube in the Lazy River, we needed a rest!

The next Monday, we hosted a multi-family FHE (Family Home Evening). My sister's family stayed at our house that night. We also were able to enjoy the company of some friends of ours that we have known forever. They came up for dinner and provided the spiritual thought. We played volleyball, ate too much dinner, had our lesson and ended the night with s'mores. It was a really fun evening!

We are so glad the cousins were able to spend some quality time together!

From our house, they drove to St George and then Las Vegas, visiting our other siblings along the way. Today they finally mad it home safe. Her family is the same size as ours but now she is down to only having one last boy at home. I look at them and see what my not-so-distant future will look like.

Most days I am okay with change. The changes that are coming up are all good changes. Especially if things stay on the same track they are on so far. It is good to see your kids grow and develop into functioning members of society. I want them to find all the happiness I have found in getting an education, finding the love of my life and having a family. I look forward to the time when Jim and I get to spend more time together. We didn't really get that when we were newlywed.

But not yet. I still get a few more years of being the mom. I will gladly hang on to these boys as long as they will let me...


Kelly said...

Boys, boys, boys! Aside from the kids of your sister who passed away, are there any nieces in the family? It sounds like a perfect way to wrap up the summer break from school. You're being such an awesome mom to your three handsome young men.

Clammy said...

What a fun way to end summer! I still can't believe that it is over.