Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

I haven't blogged forever but today deserves a post.  I don't have my WordPress blog anymore but I was going through those old posts that I had saved and remembered this post I did last year on my hubby's birthday.  I still feel the same so I am posting it again...

A Day That Will Live Forever in Infamy! – (Originally posted 14 November 2011)
I said I wouldn’t be thankful for the obvious things in my life but I just have to break my own rule today.
On this day, in 1968, a bouncing baby boy was born.  But, not just any boy, a very special boy.  He grew up with loving parents and siblings in a loving home.  He did lots of things mischievous little boys do.  He grew into a strong handsome teenage boy who learned to love sports and the great outdoors.  He worked (a lot) for the family business where he learned to be a very loyal and hard worker.  He grew even taller and stronger still.  When he turned 19 he set aside two years to serve the Lord and the people of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.  This is where he grew the most.  After returning with honor, he furthered his studies at Dixie College.  That is where I had the fortune of meeting this handsome young man!
From the day we met, we have been just about inseparable.  Sure, we have had our ups and downs, but for the most part we have loved every minute we have had together (Well, I know I have).  We have had three wonderful children together.  We have helped each other through some hard times and we have celebrated our accomplishments together knowing that we are each other’s biggest fans.  We are happy with our lives right now and look to the future with excitement.  In a few weeks we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the day we were sealed together for time and also eternity.
So today I am thankful for my mother and father-in -law.  I am thankful that they had that beautiful boy 43 years ago.  But I am especially thankful that he found me and I was able to take him off their hands!

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