Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dinner of Champions

Usually when Jim or I go on a business trip we bring back something cool for the kids. Since my last trip was to a place where all the stores got boarded up and the power was still out when I left, I didn't really have a chance to get something cool, or what I thought was cool. The only thing I brought back was two MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). These were true, military issue MRE's.

One was Chili Mac. It came with pineapple tidbits, "forever" bread, cheese spread, a little package of red hots, red punch mix, hot apple cider mix, gum and toilet paper.

The second one was BBQ Beef Ribs (it looked like the meat that's on a McRib sandwich). That came with clam chowder, tortillas, a chocolate chip pop tart, lemon lime drink mix, instant coffee (we passed on that), trail mix, gum and toilet paper. We warmed both of them up using the cool warming chemicals that it comes with and split it up between the three boys (Jim ate leftovers and I had a smoothie).

The reviews were mixed. The cool factor was still there because of the heating method. The favorite was the Chili Mac and the Pop Tart. I asked the boys if i should get more for our 72 hour kits. They said it would be great if they were starving but not for a regular dinner when we have other food in the house and electricity to cook it with!


Kelly said...

That's so funny that they said only if they were starving. I have to say, that's pretty impressive that it comes with all those goodies. The forever bread was a clever name.

Joann said...

They told me about that the other night. What a fun dinner. I think I'm with them, though. I would eat it if I were starving, just maybe not by choice. Of course, I have never tasted it. Maybe I would change my mind after sampling!?!