Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gustav - Final Update

I arrived home on Thursday evening and since then I have immersed myself fully in my “real” job. So much so that I forgot I left everyone hanging on the hurricane situation. I got several text messages and phone calls over the past few days (even people stopping me in the hall at church) asking what happened. That leads me to believe that people out there are reading this blog even if there are almost no comments left behind ;) So, for all those inquiring minds out there, here’s the skinny…

On my way to the airport I needed to pick up another person who was also leaving. When I stopped by the office to pick him up, another coworker came out to the car and informed me that I needed to leave my “work” computer, and accessories, with him. The camera I used to take pictures of the aftermath was one of those accessories. The only picture I have now is below. (Sorry about the quality, I took it on my phone.) I have not heard one thing from TMS and I am still not sure if I have a job or not. I will keep you posted.

I was so happy to be home, to kiss my husband, to sleep in my own bed, to cuddle with my boys, to have power, to go to the grocery store, to go to Kyle’s baseball games yesterday…all the things I should be doing as a mom. I don’t mind working outside the home; in fact, most of the time I really enjoy what I do. Every other event I have worked has been several days or weeks and very long hours. It makes the days and hours go by faster when I have a job to do and I work hard to get that job done. During this particular event was different and I felt my time was not being used wisely. I need to be busy so I feel like the time away from my family is worth it. I hope you know what I mean.

Well, that’s where things are at so far. If I am unemployed, I can handle it. Football season has started. Super Bowl will be here before I know it. I hope Hurricane Ike goes straight west. People in Texas are tough! They most likely won’t need our help.


Kelly said...

I know what you mean about people not leaving never comment on my blog. What's up with that?

I'm SO glad you're safe and sound, and you had your epiphany and can greatly appreciate your real job. It's wonderful to know you're home safe and sound because I was worried about you.

Joann said...

I'm gla you're back, too! You may not realize it, but your boys were not the only ones that needed ou here in Syracuse! You should have SEEN me last week when Jusitn stayed home from church with a migraine! We're ALL glad you are safe!