Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Walk Down the Red Carpet

We have one decision to make concerning the Home Theatre Room and we need your help. We can't agree what movie to show for the big premiere. We have all thought of the movie we want and we all thought of something different. Here are the list of movies and our reasons for wanting them. The polls will be open for one week:

  1. Star Wars: A New Hope (Jim) - "THX was invented for this movie and it is just a classic theatre movie. And may the force be with you...always."

  2. Cars (Aimee thanks to the suggestion of a friend) - "Great colors, great racing sounds and great soundtrack."

  3. The Hulk (Austin) - "That's all I can think of..."

  4. The Mummy 3 (Kyle) - "I just want to see that movie again."

  5. The Bourne Ultimatum (Josh) - "We should watch the first two on the old TV and then go in the basement and watch the third one. That would be so cool!"

  6. Transformers - Just another movie we thought of and thought would be a good one.

I hope you all vote. Please only vote once so it is fair. We are open to other suggestions so feel free to leave a comment.


Kelly said...

Cars, hands down. Don't waste your time on Transformers. It's icky.

AimBarb said...

Can you tell it was late when I made the poll? I totally spelled it wrong! It should read, "What movie should be shown first?" I need some serious professional help!

john_festin said...

To fully experience the theater sights and sounds it has to be Cars. The others are all good choices but the premiere should show off what the theater can do. Are we all invited?

goyuix said...

All those movies will be great in the new theater, but you really have to christen it with a real classic: It has to be Star Wars.

Mom/Grammy Edwina said...

I voted with Josh, just because I love the Bourne movies!! And.. I think it's a cool idea to watch at least one on the old TV first to compare!! But if I had my preference I would watch "Its a Wonderful Life" first!! It would be like a statement of the whole event and it's that time of year!! Then I would go down the whole list by drawing them out of a hat! LV U

Joann said...

I think I would go with Star Wars, too. Classic with lots of action. But, Cars is a close second.

Joann said...

It won't let Justin vote separately. His vote goes to Transformers...whatever!