Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Big Premiere

I know I haven’t blogged about it yet, but, we finished the Theater. I spent all last week painting and the carpet finally came last Friday. We need a few more feet of the cove base and that should come sometime next week. Then I spent the last few days getting ready for my brothers and their families to come up for Thanksgiving. The turkey is in the oven so I have a minute to post a few pictures. Here is what has happened in the last two weeks:
We never textured the ceiling when we finished the basement last time and we wanted it done. Kyle's baseball coach helped us and taught the boys how...

I was so worried that the paint and the carpet wouldn't match and when it finally came I was so relieved. It took me forever to pick the colors and now I am so happy about how it turned out. The walls are milk chocolate colored. It looks like you could lick the walls!

This shot is from the bottom stair looking into the room.

This is looking back at the seating area. We have since purchased a bar table and stools that are behind the couch. This adds some seating for watching football, basketball and baseball games.

I wanted to add this picture to show off my husbands talents. He built all the boxes for the speakers and the components. (When the light is off in the storage room you can't see all the wires behind the receiver.)

And here is the big movie premiere! We had some neighbors over for the viewing of Star Wars. It was pretty fun. We can't imagine ever going out to another movie again. Just let us know when you want to come over. We love watching movies!


Greg and Heather said...

I'm so sorry I was sick and missed the family night fun! It looks so great & we can't wait to see it in person

gsd4de said...

Looks really nice, Aimee. Too bad it wasn't finished for the BYU/Utah game. :)