Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Race for the Cure

What a great event! I had never run the whole 3.2 miles until last Saturday. I was proud of myself. This was not a hard race for me. It became easy because of the people I was running with. The announcer said that over 18,000 people registered for the race (walkers and runners). Over 400 of them were Breast Cancer Survivors! How could I think 3.2 miles was hard.
It has taken me a few days to get the pictures from Jim's computer but here they are:
This was taken from the Trax station at the corner of 300 W and South Temple looking north to the starting line which was at 300 W and North Temple.
This was taken from the same spot but looking west toward the Gateway Mall. The line of people kept going south on 400 W past the Gateway. I was lucky to be close to the starting line!
This was before I saw Jim with the camera...

This was after!

Jim took this picture of the finish line from the top level of the Gateway. Just after the finish line, there were tons of volunteers handing out even more tons of bottled water, bananas and oranges. I am up there somewhere past the oranges.

Enjoying my after race treat!

Thanks to everyone that donated money to the Susan G Komen cause and thanks to those that supported me with good luck wishes!


Greg and Heather said...

Aimee-That is so inspiring! I love the pictures--what a motivating way to (almost) makes me want to run :)

Kelly said...

WAY TO GO, Aimee! You're an inspiration to me! I love it. That was a TON of participants! How nice that Jim could be there and take some pictures too.