Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slimy Yet Satisfying!

Kyle got his braces off on Wednesday. He was thrilled, to say the least. His appointment was in the morning so he didn't go to school. We got there and they took him right back (amazing!) They removed everything, polished off the extra glue and cemented in a wire across the bottom teeth for a permanent retainer. He will get the upper retainer on Monday. The orthodontist gave him a gift for being such a good patient. The balloons said "Happy Get Your Braces Off Day" and they were tied around a giant bag full of all the candy he has not been able to eat for the last 9 months (yes, I said 9 months! He had them on for less time than he has been in 9th grade!) He said his teeth feel pretty slimy and he keeps trying to such food out of the braces that are not there. Just a habit he will break soon enough!

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