Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Wall Quilt

Well, I finished. . . kind of. I finished the top (with only a few mistakes). I didn't have a big enough piece of batting so I haven't been able to bind it yet. I had to see what it looks like on the wall so I put it up with painter's tape. It looks cheesy but it helps me imagine how it will look once I get to the store for some batting and get it put together.

Each snowflake consists of 63 individual pieces that had to be cut and sewn together. If I am off by even 1/8th of an inch it throws everything off. I am a perfectionist and hate to see when seems don't line up quite perfectly. It makes me want to take it apart and try again. But I have one friend that I showed a mistake to and she said, "Well, there are no two snowflakes alike. It looks great the way it is." Don't you just love her? I sure do! I hope everyone has a friend like that.


Greg and Heather said...

aimee-I was so impressed with the quilt I honestly didn't even notice the painter's tape until I read the post :) It really is beautiful!

Kelly said...

This looks excellent! I want to make a quilt some day.