Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rocket Man

Jim loves rockets. Which is nice when you have three boys. They all love building and shooting them with their dad. We have a park a half a block away from our house (really it is a big grass field/water shed). That is where lots of the rockets are blasted from. There is also a park in Bloomington, by the "Fun Place" where a lot of our rockets have also been blasted from. We do the countdown and the boys try to catch them before they land - or crash.

While Jim was Scout Master, just about every scout in our troop got their Space Exploration merit badge. He is not the Scout Master anymore but they asked him to be the Space Exploration merit badge counselor. So about twice a year he gets out his launch pad, teaches his class and sends a few rockets into space (notice I didn't say OUTER space ;)). It is great fun. The kids like pushing the button or lighting the fuse. They love to run after their glued and painted masterpieces, trying to capture them before they hit the ground, hoping to be able to get that second launch in.

I love my Rocket Man!

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