Monday, March 8, 2010

Ahh, The Good Ol' Days...of Last Week

Today it is a little gray and there has been some rain. It snowed a few days ago. Spring in Utah does that. It teases us into thinking the cold weather is over by giving us a fantastic weekend... Then it snows! I have lived in northern Utah almost as long as I lived in southern California, where I grew up, and I still am not used to the "Spring Tease".

Well, last weekend was one of those fantastic weekends. Jim cleaned out the garage (his ongoing project) and he got the boys out in the garden beds cleaning up. They also planted a few things. The peas are always one of the first things to get planted. They don't mind getting snowed on.

Here is Austin turning the dirt in one of the small beds

Kyle is pruning back all the grape vines. Jim's sister comes and gets them every year. I'm not sure what she does with them but I'm sure it's something really crafty.

Occasionally we can get Josh to help. If only he was as willing to help as our dog, Macy. Jim's garden project this year is to build a little fence so she can't "help" so much and to take out some of the adjoining grass so we can have double the garden. We will be a busy bees this year!

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