Tuesday, June 1, 2010

130,000 Miles and Counting

I had a great weekend! Details will come soon.

One event I couldn't overlook is the mileage on my mini-van. On this last trip to visit family in St George and Las Vegas, we turned over 130,00 miles.

Our dear, sweet Chrysler Town & Country has served us well for eight long years. It is our second mini-van. Jim was resistant to buying both. Before gas prices went through the roof, he talked about buying me a Tahoe. In the last year or so he has talked about buying me an Accord. But I love my mini-van. Here are a few reasons why:

  • I love that we fit very comfortably. On this last trip we were without Jim so I had one boy in the front (shotgun), one boy in the middle and one in the back. There was absolutely no touching whatsoever. Even when we have Jim with us there can be at least one seat between each of them, still avoiding most touching.
  • I love that I can go "big grocery shopping" (Costco AND Wal-Mart plus any other places I may need to stop) in one trip without having to stop at home and unload, even if Kyle's GIANT baseball bag is in the back (usually accompanied by a blanket, a few chairs and possibly a cooler) and even if I have to load up 200 lbs of water softener salt.
  • I love the integrated child seats that I can use for the children of my friends. There is no car seat shuffle.
  • I love that I can drive carpool when needed. I probably won't need to soon because the boys will be able to drive themselves :( but I love that I can help out other moms if I need to.
  • It has a great sound system. We (me and the three boys) like to turn it up loud and feel the sub-woofer.
Those are just a few things. I really think everyone should try a mini-van. If you are not convinced you are a mini-van person, maybe it's because you are just not quite cool enough. And to that I say I feel sorry for you. Maybe this video clip will change your mind:

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RP said...

We've been looking at minivans. I covet the VW and Honda ones.