Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Jim works in the IT department of his company. He works with some of the most knowledgeable "computer geeks" I know.

One of them thinks he's super funny (which he is, but not this time) and he hacked into my blog! He changed Jim's shirt from a BYU shirt to a U of U shirt in the last blog post.

So, sorry to those of you that are on the email list. You are getting that blog post twice because I had to go in and replace the picture.

I didn't mention in that blog post, and I probably should now, that as much as Jim likes watching BYU football, he also likes keeping up with Ute football. He is "Switzerland" when it comes to the whole in-state rivalry. Passionate about sport, not a crazy my-team-is-better-than-your-team fanatic.

So, Hacker, I know who you are. And I could "out" you here on my blog and all over Facebook. But I choose not to. I, too, will be "Switzerland".

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