Monday, July 21, 2008

The Capital/The Big Easy

For those of you that may not know, I recently got a new job. It still is in the transportation field like Super Bowl, but for a much better cause. I was hired by TMS who is a contractor to FEMA. I will be helping to develop and implement a plan for motor coach evacuation in the event of a natural disaster (hurricane) in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas (most of which I will be able to do from home). I was hired on July 1st and since then I have spent time in our Nation's Capitol for some orientation training and in New Orleans for a mock evacuation drill.

I was close to Washington DC the first few days of July. It was a quick trip so I didn't have much time to sight see. I did, however, have to go into the capital to get finger printed at FEMA headquarters. To quote Jim, now I'm "on the grid"!

This is the Lincoln Memorial. Just so you know, he is my favorite president. The whole "mall" area was in preparations for the 4th of July celebrations. I was sure glad to be home for the 4th but it would have been spectacular to be in DC!

My next trip was to New Orleans. For the most part, I spent my time in meetings. It was very interesting to learn about how these cities, parishes (counties) and the state deals with a hurricane. I had some time after the evacuation drills to go downtown and to the French Quarter. It was not my favorite city. It smelled like beer and pee. It was very humid and I was away a day and a half longer than I needed to be. It did give me the chance to drive over the "Mighty Mississippi" for the first time (on that bridge in the background) and go to a New Orleans Zephyrs baseball game. I got to sit in the Jefferson Parish box with the AC. It was nice and relaxing after a busy week but I would have given it up to just be home with the family. I breathe easier in the dry climate we have here in Utah and our baseball stadium a lot more beautiful!


Joann said...

If you ever need anyone to go with you on these cool trips to take your picture, let me know! Then you wouldn't have to take them yourself!

Kelly said...

Aimee, you have a cool job.

gsd4de said...

I agree with do have a cool job. :)