Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally...Tagged! A Closer Look

My friend De tagged me on July 6th. In the whole month of July I have only been home 8 of the last 21 days due to work and other things that will be posted in the next few days. Enjoy! (by the way...Kelly, Heather and are tagged!)

1. My Kitchen Sink
Thanks to Joann, My sink is empty except for my cereal bowl and the Winder milk jug that I emptied this morning in my bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios.
2. Inside my fridge
Like I said, I haven't' been home much. I think that Chinese food (it's just the white rice that no one will eat) is over a week old. Most of that will be in the trash in a few hours. Costco, here I come!

3. My Favorite Shoes
Asking me to chose my favorite shoes is like asking me which of my children I love most! My feet are the only thing on me that are the same size they were in High School. I love in these shoes because they are comfy and casual (I love flip-flops) but they are leather so I figure they are dressy enough to wear just about anywhere. I haven't quite convinced Jim that they are dressy enough for church. That's OK. I have plenty of other cute shoes.

4. My Closet
Not much to say about this except it is July and I haven't' put winter in the basement yet. I guess I won't need to in another month or two...

5. My Laundry Pile
I still have things packed away in my duffel...

6. What my kids are doing right now
I sent the younger two off to Scout Camp at 5am. Austin is playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox

7. My Favorite Room
I love to create yummy things in the kitchen. Thanks again to Joann for how clean things are. (That pile of dishes by the sink is a pile of clean dishes that I need to put away.)

8. Most Recent Purchase
I have been having my boys write a book report every three weeks this summer. Just before I left on my most recent trip we went and got a few new books.

9. My Fantasy Vacation
Usually this involves something Disney but I have never seen Europe. I really want to go on this cruise!

10. Self Portrait
I love my feet in the summer. Polished toes and a tan line from my favorite shoes!

Thanks, again, De, for making me do this. I was going to go back to sleep after I took the boys to the church this morning (scout camp) and finished Kyle's paper route. Now I can take a longer nap this afternoon!


Joann said...

I noticed that your fridge was looking a little empty. I hope you got enough milk for this morning! By the way, I need wipes from Costco...maybe diapers, too! Let me know when you go! Guess, I better get taking some pictures!

Kelly said...

Your fridge is huge! Can I come over and grab a snack?