Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Family Truck-ster

I have been driving my Chrysler Town & Country Minivan since September of 2002. We bought it brand new and when I drove it I thought I was in Minivan Heaven! This car has served us well over the last six years. We have tossed around the idea of trading it in for something else but we really like the "no car payment" thing. It took a lot to talk Jim into getting a minivan in the first place! I love having room for carpool, pets and space for when we travel to St George or Vegas to visit family. (The boys can sit so nobody is touching)

Well, I have been watching the odometer very closely lately. Yeaterday, I got done with my errands and carpooling for the day and I was at 99,995 miles. So after dinner, Jim and I decided we needed to run a couple of more errands so we could witness the big 100,000. I had a long day so we went to Jamba Juice because I needed some desert and then to Lowe's to get some trim moulding for the basement (we have a project going on down there we will blog about later). Then it happened! Driving south on 2000 W in Clinton toward home the odometer changed to 100,000. We pulled over and took a picture with Jim's new G1 phone (It has a pretty good camera) and we talked about all the fun places we have been in our family car.


gsd4de said...

Lots of miles. :)

My suburban we have had for...gosh, I guess it has been 10 years? It has 280,000 miles on it now. It is a beast.
Your minivan still has eons of life left. :)
By the way...I tagged you on my blog.

Kelly said...

That's nothing compared to my Camry. My current one is at 134,000 and my previous one was approaching 200,000. But I'm impressed still. Cars are a rip-off, so don't buy a new one any time soon. That's my opinion. The newness of a shiny fancy car doesn't last very long.