Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Like it HOT!

Most of our weekends lately have been accompanied by a storm. In fact, on the 12Th we got our first snow. It looked a little like this:

Well, we finally got a really nice weekend last week. It was in the lower 70's and the colors were beautiful! It was doubly great because the boys had a four day weekend. As much as I appreciate the moisture in our dry, desert climate, I very much prefer the weather we have been having the last week.

We decided to take advantage of the time off school and the great weather and go to "Frightmares" at Lagoon. We had season passes this year and several other years but we had never been to "Frightmares". We just went for the evening and the boys went on a couple of their favorite rides while I followed them around. I took some knitting and only went on Wicked, my favorite ride there.

Here are a few of the fun photo ops at the park:

Austin riding Paratrooper

Kyle just hangin' around

Josh floating in space

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Kelly said...

Those Halloween "costumes" at Lagoon are really funny.