Friday, August 15, 2008

The Day of Josh

Yesterday was the day of all things Josh. To get ready for Jr High, he has been taking "Summer Band". He started playing the clarinet. We then needed to go shopping for some black pants he could wear to his first band concert. Later he had his first gymnastics class. He was so excited. Jim and I both think that will be the best thing for his bouncy energy two days a week. He was pretty good and that leaves 4 days that he can skate. We went straight from gymnastics to his band concert where we were treated to band beginners playing warm up scales and Jingle Bells. It was pretty funny and we were very proud of what they could do after only three weeks. Sadly, we don't have one picture of anything that happened on the Day of Josh. I guess there is one more thing I need to fit into my purse so I have it all the camera!

Today is Kyle's 14th birthday. Get ready for tomorrow's post...The Day of Kyle!

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