Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice Weather + Tired of Cleaning House = Hiking!

We finally got some cooler weather here last Saturday. (And when I say cooler I mean not in the 90's) It was just right for an afternoon hike. In May, Jim and Austin hiked up Adams Canyon which is about 15 minutes from our house. About two miles in there is a great waterfall. The boys had a great time playing in it with our friend and neighbor Alex.
This was Austin's second time to this waterfall. He enjoyd it more because he could bring Macy along this time.

The water in this waterfall and stream comes from right out of the ground from an underwater spring. I guess Josh thought it was too cold!

Kyle and Alex didn't think it was too cold. They loved it!

We are so blessed to live in a place that is so beautiful and has so much to offer!

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Kelly said...

You ARE blessed! I like your way of thinking...nice weather, sick of house cleaning translates into a great day for a hike.

It was so fun to see you and catch a quick movie. Sorry I had no energy to be sociable and go quilt with your other friends.