Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scout Camp

Scout camp (for Kyle and Josh) this year was at Camp Loll. Located on a small strip of public land, in Wyoming, which separates Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Needless to say it is located in some of the most beautiful county, this country has to offer.

This is a picture of me (Josh) doing the swim check. We all have to do it right when we get there ad it is fereeeezing cold. They told us it was about 48 degrees but it felt colder. We had to swim 100 yards using different strokes and if you didn't pass you couldn't use the kayaks, row boats, sail boats . . . . I passed!

This is a picture of me shooting the .22 caliber guns. That was a lot of fun but very hard to get the merit badge. You have to get 5 groups of shots within a quarter 5 times. I haven't done that yet but one of the times I did it I was within a dime witch made me and only a few other boys part of the dime club.

I (Kyle) already had all the merit badges I needed for my eagle so for scout camp I got to do all the High Adventure stuff like shoot .50 caliber black powder rifles, throw tomahawks, repel and climb, and sail the catamaran. Me and a friend of mine you can see in the black powder rifles picture were the oldest ones there in our troop and were able to do all these things and more. First we got to go bouldering on Monday and then Tuesday go climbing and repelling. We didnt get to do much more after that though. The scout master said that since I'm the Senior Patrol leader that I need to go with the younger scouts and help them with the merit badges. What the heck are the camp friends and counselors for. Any way, I think that my favorite thing was climbing and repelling by far. It was so awesome to just lean back off a 90 foot cliff and start walking down it. And to climb back up it was even better. Out of the two pictures below I liked the black powder rifle the best. I just couldn't figure out the tomahawks. It was all fun though and hopefully I will be able to work there for a summer. I think that would be awesome.

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Joann said...

Cools pictures! It sounds like you guys had a great time, even though you had to miss out on some of the stuff because you are so far ahead of the other guys your age! Awesome!