Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Update #1

They have moved me yesterday from Belle Chase, LA in Plaquemines Parish further inland to a Regional Coordination Center in Jefferson, LA. The storm surge is projected to be as high at 24 feet in Plaquemines and the levees in that area are only as high as 18-20 feet. That parish will be under water in the next 24-48 hours.

As of now (noon Sunday), I have packed my bag and plan to ride out the storm here. After Katrina, this building was rebuilt to withstand 150 mph winds. There are several police, fire, EMT, FEMA and Red Cross people staying here so I feel like this is the place to be if I have to be here during the storm. (They are all excited to see my reaction to my first hurricane) Tropical storm force winds are expected to hit the coast in the morning and the eye of the storm should be here my mid-day on Monday. The storm is moving at about 17 mph which is good but it is going to be a very strong storm.

Bus evacuations are ending in the next few hours. Traffic is backed up on I-10. It is now to the point that if you are not headed out now you need to be in a place where you can ride out the storm. I bought a few provisions yesterday but not many stores were open and those that were open were low on several items. I wish I had been able to come home and get some of our backpacking gear. I would feel a lot more comfortable.

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Joann said...

You will have to be sure to take LOTS of pictures. I still can't believe you are going to ride this one out, right inthe middle of it! Stay safe!